Native-American Education Group Inc.

"Most universities provides a traditional education:

We provide an education full of tradition"

What is the Mission of NAU?

The Mission of Native American University [NAU] is "to provide higher education to Native American students on tribal grounds; according to tribal laws, rules, procedures and customs".

What is NAU?

Native American University [NAU] is a wholly owned subsidiary of Native-American Education Group Inc.; a Nevada corporation formed to provide educational services to tribal members whose needs are not being addressed by traditional colleges and universities. It will incorporate several existing companies that are now providing some of these services in a limited fashion. It will provide the financial and managerial resources needed to expand those offerings rapidly' and establish several new paraaigms for nontraditional education, initiallyin the fields of law and business, later expanding as market conditions dictate. Frankly, Native American University is the only university that can provide the flexibility, affordability and accessibility to Native American Tribal members needed to provide this level of education; on tribal grounds; and in a manner and according to tribal customs.

How does NAU operate?

There are four ingredients that collectively comprise the NAU Program:

America Heritage University of Southern California [AHUSC] is a California registered online law school whose Jurid Doctorate [JD] graduates are eligible to take the California Bar Examinations [First Year Law School Exam FYLSX & General Bar Exam GBX] Qualified prospective tribal law students are enrolled with AHUSC and all of its benefits including applications, enrollment, grading of mid-term / final exams transcripts, degrees, and California Bar eligibility.

British-American Institute of Law [BAIL] supplements the AHUSC program with state-of-the-art Skype-type video workshops, syllabi, curricula, lesson plans, quizzes, video lectures [185 on the 10 bar exam subjects], and tutorials all pre-loaded in a tabletcomputer.

Live lectures from seasoned law professors on tribal grounds according to tribal laws, rules, regulations and customs. This is at absolutely no cost to the tribal law student or the individual tribe.

How does NAU specofocally accomplish this Mission?

The NAU / AHU Relationship:
Native American Education Group Inc. is a privately held Nevada corporation who collaborates with American Heritage University of Southern California [AHUSC], a registered online law school in the State of California. AHUSC's graduates are awarded a Juris Doctor degree and are eligible to sit for the California General Bar Examination [CBX]. This is at no cost to the tribal law student or the individual tribe.

Campuses on Tribal Grounds:
NAU would create a campus on each tribe member's tribal grounds providing higher education according to tribal customs, practices and procedures. In order to provide this service to any and all tribes and nations who seek the benefits of this university; NAU will be seeking matching federal funding from the United States Department of Education [DOE] and other related funding private and federal funding providers at no cost to the Tribe.

No Request for Funding from the Tribes Themselves

NAU via AHUSC would provide the following:

Law Professors giving live lectures

Law School in a tablet type computer including all:
    • Curricula
    • Syllabi
    • Lesson Plans
    • Exams Q & A's;

Grading and Transcripts

Corporate Orgranization & Revenue Share:
The individual tribe would provide only the prospective law students and access to the physical facilities on tribal grounds. The revenue share would be 50.001% to the individual tribe and 49.999% to NAU issued as a percentage of the Gross.

Who manages the interm operation for Year One?
From the time that the Grant is issued through the 1st year of operations there will be an interim Chancellor, Daniel Agajanian and Interim Dean, Dr. Luther Thompson J.D. from Native-American University. When the 1st elections arrive, NAU will work with the particular Tribe to replace these interim officers with a Native-American Chancellor and Dean. The same process would apply for all faculty members and administrative members.


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